Online Content for OC Monster Carts Week 11/07-13/21

by | Nov 13, 2021 | Content Creation

Week 11/07-13/21 Online Content for OC Monster Carts

× Purpose: Generate awareness to available vehicles not though to allow continued sales of vehicles without relying on specific inventory currently known not to be in stock.

× Medias Available: Instagram, Facebook, Google Business, &

× Ads to Time Ratio: 1 Post / Ad every 24hrs (at least)

× Goal: To generate more interest and leads for vehicle and parts sales. Utilizing creative solutions to generate semi-professional family-owned style campaigns and content that genuinely create a sense of confidence, trust, and value to OC Monster Carts.

× Content Creation Guidelines:
Provide a robust series of posts with content based on brand and products able to insight interest in the vehicle we can acquire at the current time and maybe inspire an alternative to what people want now but not available. These should generate interest in the vehicles or products being used in the promotion but also generate leads thru phone calls and walk-in business.

× Budget Available and how it’s used: We receive roughly 10% of sales net profits of the year prior to investing into the following year’s media and promotion budget. We primarily invest about 75% of the budget into creating visuals such as videos, ads, graphics, and more to promote the business and about 25% of the budget generating ideas and solutions.


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