Why your logo design matters

by | Nov 29, 2020 | Designer Thoughts

Often I get clients with a great business plan and a great vision. They’ve done their research to comprise a list of services they require of me. Usually, the list is consists of an engaging website, beautiful business cards, a logo design, nothing special, just my name or something.

Always with the intention, the logo design is the least essential piece to create. But that’s not always the case, especially in a competitive market! When your business demands new customers to grow and succeed. Your presence matters! Your first impression matters! Yes, you may be the best around, yes you may have the best prices in town, but it’s been a well-proven fact that if you don’t communicate all that hard-earned credibility, you could be overlooked for the competition.

In an era where people and businesses can research the best of the best, usually, the answer to who will get the first initial contact will come down to the company or person with the most appealing presence, usually communicated thru the logo!

You may not think about investing in your business’s logo and or brand is worth it. You may believe it won’t provide any marketing value or benefit to your business. But the truth is that it’s a proven fact that companies with an attractive, well-designed logo attract more new business! Our clients and we alike have experienced this regularly; how a new client decided to talk to us or visit our site or store because we were the most attractive option that met their needs. It all started with us catching their eye with our logo designs and visuals!

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