Understanding Color in design

by | Jan 31, 2021 | Designer Thoughts

Why colors are important

There are a few things you need to know about colors. There is RGB, CMYK, and Pantone. Whether you are a designer or a client, it is essential to know the differences between the color modes to optimize each step in the design process.

RGB is always used in digital on monitors, screens, televisions, and even digital cameras. It refers to the colors red, green, and blue. Now Cmyk is used for printing. The colors that make it up are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black.
Fun fact, the combination of light in RGB creates white, and the combination of light in CMYK creates black.

Pantones are precise colors, and each color is numbered for reference by the Pantone Matching System or PMS. The pantone color code makes it very easy to have a cohesive design and keeps your colors noticeably correct throughout your brands’ journey. PMS standardizes 1,114 colors, and they are created by combining 13 base pigments. There is also coated and uncoated and many different finishes available. Pantones are best for jobs that need consistency. The correct color will be delivered and provide security to the designer, knowing the color will look exactly the same. Unlike CMYK, the pantones are directly mixed before print. Cmyk is printed in layers, contributing to the probability your prints won’t always come out how you imagined.

Colors should never be underestimated. Having the correct colors that are bright and attractive makes all the difference. Colors play a major role in branding because you are able to create a personal connection with your customers and choose a color that will last.

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